About Me...



Raven has been in the beautifying industry for over 20 years, and is absolutely loving it still.  She opened Face Beauty in 2008, and has recently moved to a new location in the Southwest.  She raves about how much she loves her clients and Beautifyng Biz.

Eyelash Extension Master


Raven has been doing Eyelash Extensions for over 10 years, and is very meticulous and a Perfectionist.  She was the first Advanced Certified Eyelash Extensionist for NovaLash in the state of Nevada and has done thousands of Eyelash Extension sets over the years. 

Permanent Makeup Artist


Raven's journey with Permanent Makeup began in 2010.  She has taken several courses, learning from the best, to be the best, for her clients and is continuously learning and growing.  She is an Artist as well as a Perfectionist, which is a great combo for a Permanent Makeup Artist.