Eyelash Extensions

Wish you had longer thicker lashes?  Wish granted with Eyelash Extensions!  They are individually applied to your natural lashes to lengthen and add fullness to your existing lashes, making your eyes look bigger, brighter, more youthful, awake, and alive!  Extensions come in a variety of sizes and can give you a range of looks, from subtle to dramatic, yet always looking natural.  My clients frequently get asked, “Are those your real lashes?!”  The medical grade NovaLash adhesive used will keep your Eyelash Extensions on for up to 8 weeks, (until your natural lash falls off) so there is no need for mascara or false lash strips!  Getting monthly Touch-ups will keep them looking full.


Keratin Eyelash Lift

Are you frustrated and tired of curling your eyelashes daily and ready to toss out that eyelash curler, which has taken off so many of your own natural eyelashes?  Be frustrated no more with the wonders of a Lash Lift!  This treatment instantly gives your lashes curl, lift, separation, extra definition, and your lashes will stay curled for 6-8 weeks!  A Lash Lift is the beauty equivalent of a push-up bra for your lashes.  Keratin Lash Lift is conditioning and not harmful to your lashes