Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning & Facial FAQ


Do Chemical Peels hurt?

This varies.  While some people may feel nothing, others may feel tingling, itching, or mild to moderate warmth.  You are fanned during the process to ease any discomfort. 

How often can I get a Chemical Peel and how many do I need?

You can return to get another Chemical Peel in 6-8 weeks.  After one peel you will notice a difference; however, 3-6 treatments are recommended for best results.  

Is Dermaplaning painful?

Absolutely not!  Don't let the blade scare you.  It is a very gentle scraping of the skin.  

How often can Dermaplaning be done?

Clients often do them monthly when done on its own or with a facial.  When done with a light Chemical Peel, then wait 6 weeks before the next one. 

How often should I get a Facial?

It is recommended for someone to receive a Facial by a Professional Esthetician every 4-6 weeks.  

Why should I get a Facial?

There are so many benefits for getting a Facial (refer to Services page for more detail) Here are 7 top reasons: deep cleansing, anti-aging, relaxing, skin rejuvenation, improve skin care routine, treating a variety of skin issues, and treating yourself! 


What is a Galvanic Current?

A galvanic current machine involves the use of mild electric currents consisting of positive and negative ions, which drives products deep into the skin.  Other benefits of a Galvanic current in a facial are:  It detoxifies your skin, improves elasticity, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, for better product penetration, boosts blood circulation and oxygen, improves complexion, thoroughly moisturizes your skin, and calms and soothes your skin. 

Who is NOT suitable for a Galvanic Current?

Someone who has a pacemaker

Is diagnosed with a heart condition

Suffers from epilepsy or high blood pressure

Has cuts, wounds, and abrasions on your skin

Is pregnant

Is diabetic

Has metal implants in your body

Has spider veins

Is on skin thinning medication

Recently underwent chemical peeling

Do Galvanic Facials hurt?

No they do not.  They are painless and you won't feel a thing.

How often should I get a Galvanic Facial?

Ideally performed once a week for oily, acneic skin, and once every three to four weeks for general skin conditions, recommended for six treatments. 

What is High Frequency?

The high frequency facial machine provides a safe and gentle high frequency electrical current which, through thermal energy and heat as well as a high rate of oscillation, works to: Increase collagen growth. Enhance blood flow and circulation. Reduce acne-causing bacteria.

Does High Frequency hurt?

No it does not.  High Frequency is considered to be a safe and gentle therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation.